A Boatload of CoC

I freely admit, I’m a bit of a hoarder.  Okay, a pretty bad hoarder.  And a collector.  A fiendish one at that.

It does not assist in my level of available storage space that my roommate indulges me in this and, if anything, exacerbates the problem.  It’s in this manner that I find myself in possession of a rather large Convergence of Cyriss force.

That's a lot of robutts.

That’s a lot of robutts.

My roommate saw a guy selling his rather large collection of CoC on a Facebook group and tagged me in the post.  Within an hour of the guy posting his ad, he’d sent me lots of pictures from lots of angles to show me all of his CoC.  Thoroughly impressed with the CoC he showed, I decided it had to be mine, so I made an offer and he accepted.  Now a week-ish later, I have a figurative ton of new CoC to play with.

Alright, enough CoC puns.

I’d been planning on piecing together a Convergence force for a while and had even purchased the starter box from Mk2, Axis and a few units prior to the Mk3 announcement.  The incoming new rules put a damper in my collection (as did the frustration of assembling my first unit of Obstructors), and I put the whole army on pause and decided to pursue Trollbloods into the new edition instead.

The deal I got on these puppies was incredible, enough for me to take my love for the robots off the shelf and clear off some space for them.  It also certainly helped that most of the models are painted to a nice tabletop standard given my procrastination and attention deficit when it comes to staying on hobby targets.

I didn’t waste any time getting these bad boys and girls and non-gendered automatons onto the table and they quickly outpaced my games played in Mk3 with everything other than my Trollbloods.  Or, at least the games I’ve remember to record in Iron Grudge, which is probably at least 60% of them.

The Iron Mother looks after her children

The Iron Mother looks after her children

Suck it, Khador.