Pre-Tournament Painting and Arcs

So I’ve been way behind on updating the website and between a number of trips out of town for various reasons I haven’t been doing as much hobby stuff as I’d planned either.  That said, I did manage to get another model painted before the tournament and all my arcs done.

arc1 arc2

Most of these guys will end up needing the arcs re-done after some painting and/or priming and a few of the models aren’t even mine, but they were ready to roll for the tournament and a practice game or two before then.

Pyre Troll

So this is a model I’d actually painted at one point in the past for a Press Ganger gift exchange and I was vaguely familiar with the model.  I painted the last one a nice purple, but I wanted this one to fit in a little more with my current army and still stand out from the regular ol’ trolls.  This is the first of the elemental lights that I’ve painted and I wanted him to have a unique shade.  I started by airbrushing him in a Sanguine Base so he’d look as if its skin were a burnt version of the standard troll and still look relatively in line with the studio scheme.


His troll lumps got a nice dose of Coal Black and then I highlighted him with the Sanguine Base mixed with Trollblood Highlight.  I highlighted up his knuckles and fingers, despite knowing that I was going to end up covering it all up to represent his flaming fists.  I started those by covering the whole area in Khador Red Base, with drybrushes following in Khador Red Highlight, Ember Orange, Cygnus Yellow and finally Morrow White.


After coloring all those up I tried to do some object source lighting onto his troll bumps to reflect a bit of the fiery intensity of his fists.


After this highlighting I went ahead and did the quills, layering over the Sanguine Base with a Trollblood Highlight mix, then ‘Jack Bone and Menoth White Highlight thinned down to give it a gradual phase.  I added some OSL to the quills too and then moved on to his eyes with Ember Orange and Cygnus Yellow, the covering in a red glaze to make them look alive and glowing.  The teeth are done in ‘Jack Bone.

The mouth received a similar treatment to the eyes to reflect his ability to spit hot fire and then he got an arc.  The metal chains around his waist and the metal plates at his crotch and butt areas got a drybrush in Pig Iron and a Quick Silver highlight.



And he’s tournament ready*!







*except for basing.