Today I didn’t get nearly as much done as I would have liked given how long I had my miniatures and hobby supplies sitting around the table, but I did get some minis I needed for the lists I want to run at the upcoming tournament borrowed and onto my tray.  I also finished the basing on my Fennblades (as well as a few other random models who just didn’t have snow).


I did notice during the basing updates that I’ve forgotten to paint the growths on Ragnor’s shoulders.  I’ll be wanting to do that preferably before the tournament, but I want to get some more paint on the bare miniatures first at this point.

I’ve started up one unit of my Northkin Fire Eaters, focusing on the flames in torch hands and belching toward the enemy.  I’ll make a work-in-progress update for them when I get a little more done, but I’m certainly a slow worker.