Trollkin Fennblades WIP 2

Trollkin Fennblades WIP 2

I got back to work on the Trollkin Fennblades I’ll be using for either Madrak2 or Calandra in my team tournament pairing today as planned.  I started by covering up the brighter red on all the models with Sanguine Base to give it a darker feel as I’m not too fond of lighter shades of red, the I dry-brushed everything in Cold Steel.  This was a bit of a rush job since I want to have full lists painted by the 15th of October, but it looks pretty good on the table.

Teeth got some Moldy Ochre, bags and cloth handles on the blades got Rucksack Tan.  These two colors then got washed with some Army Painter light tone, then I painted their little troll beard quills and shoulders with Beaten Purple.  The trollkin with “hair” have it done in Murderous Magenta and then highlighted a little.  Here they are waiting for the washed to dry:


I then mixed the purple with some Frostbite because I’m generally going for a northkin frosty feel on most of my trollkin in both skin tone and basing and touched up the quills and shoulders.  I used the same purples on the gems on the blade pommels.  I think they look pretty nice but not too gaudy.

I wasn’t 100% certain that I wanted to paint a quitari pattern on these gents, but I figured since it’s something the ubiquitous for the Trollkin kriels it wouldn’t be fair to them if I didn’t.  I started with black lines running vertical down the model, then followed that up with regular intersections of Menoth White Highlight.  The black is a little hard to see in the picture, and I may choose differently for the next quitari I paint.  I thought it might pop a little more with the white, but I was wrong.  Last step for the quitari pattern was to drop a line of Iosan Green on top of everything parallel to the black lines.

0926161908  0926161908a

Last step for the quitari pattern was to drop a line of Iosan Green on top of everything parallel to the black lines.

0926161912  0926161912a

I’m satisfied with the full effect of the boys as a whole.  I managed to get them all done except for two things: the basing needs to be finished and given a nice dose of winter themes and the back side of the arcs need to be covered up in black.  They’re done to a nice tabletop quality now and certainly playable for the tournament.  Either way I’m going to try and get the bases all finished up the next time I base another model for the army.  Here are the boys as they stand now:


The reason I didn’t finish is that one of the locals challenged me to a game and I accepted.