Battle Report: Madrak2 vs. Calaban

Battle Report: Madrak2 vs. Calaban

First battle report, here we go!  So tonight I played a familiar opponent and someone who’s still fairly new to the game like I am to Trollbloods.  This was my very first time playing Madrak2 in any edition and only my opponent’s third or fourth game with Calaban the Grave Walker.

Scenario: Entrenched

Here was my list:

  • Madrak Ironhide, World Ender +28
    • Mulg 19
    • Dire Troll Mauler 15
    • Troll Bouncer 9
  • Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (min) 6
    • Stone Scribe Elder 3
  • Trollkin Fennblades (max) 15
    • Fennblade Officer and Drummer 5
  • Trollkin Champions 17
    • Skaldi Bonehammer 5
  • Fell Caller Hero 5
  • Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress 3
  • Swamp Gobber Chef 1
  • Objective: Bunker

My opponent’s list:

  • Calaban, the Grave Walker +29
    • Blackhide Wrastler 16
    • Blackhide Wrastler 16
    • Blind Walker 12
    • Boneswarm 7
    • Bull Snapper 5
  • Croak Raiders (max) 17
  • Farrow Brigands (min) 9
    • Farrow Brigand Warlord 4
  • Gatorman Posse (max) 18
  • Objective: Fuel Cache


He won the roll for sides and chose to go second, choosing a side with a pond, possibly with the hope of scoring first or baiting out enough of my guys for him to get in some good turn one damage with advance deploy croaks.

I set up first, Champions on my left flank, Fennblades on my rights flank with Madrak, beasts, solos and the stone slightly off center because of some immediately obstructing terrain just that we’d need to navigate around during the first turn.  I figured the Fennblades could protect my zone well enough on their own and it was my intent to get Madrak into the enemy zone to dominate it with Krielstone and Champions available to take a bullet for me if needed.

He deploys Calaban and the Gatorman Posse with a behind a small pond and looking primed to head toward my zone, with the heavy beasts and Bull Snapper off to the other side.  The Boneswarm accompanies the Posse.  Advance deployment goes and he puts the Brigands facing my Fennblades and marks them as his prey.  The Croak Raiders set up on the side with his zone and are likely going to try to pelt some damage into my beasts.

Trollbloods Turn 1

There’s not much to do here, but run.  So, I do.  The beasts get riled a bit and I move them forward, Champions follow suit.  On the other flank the Fennblades run forward, spreading out a little bit.  The Fell Caller Hero follows them and the Swamp Gobber Chef and Lanyssa stay pretty central and behind the obstruction on my side’s center.  Madrak dumps all his fury into the stone and gets up behind the Dire Troll Mauler that’s leading the way.  The Krielstone unit chooses not to pop the aura this turn and save what fury they can and runs up behind Madrak and Mulg.

Score: Trolls 0; Minions 0

Minions Turn 1

He starts by activating the Croak Raiders.  I think he misjudges distance a little here, because he moves everyone up with the intent of destroying the Mauler, but no one is in range with the oil gourd so there’s no guaranteeing he can get all that extra damage without wasting a few shots.  He starts to make his shots foregoing the option to hope for a lucky oiling and gets a few points onto the Mauler and sets him on fire.  He also manages to kill a couple of Fennblades, which is probably more beneficial to me with them triggering vengeance.

Minions Middle of Turn 1

Bonewarm forces to use his animus Swarm to protect himself then charges at my Fennblades to get a few extra inches.  The Gatorman Posse seems to be taking the cautious route, probably to avoid a good chopping by the Fennblades, and only advances.  Blackhide #1 runs up just in front of them, and Blackhide #2 follows.  Bull Snapper and the Blind Walker (proxied in the game by an ugly Farrow heavy) also run up the board.

Minions Bot Turn 1

Calaban finishes up the turn by slinging some spells and hiding behind the Posse to more or less staying safe while keeping all his beasts within his control area.

Score: Trolls 0; Minions 0

Trollbloods Turn 2

At the start of my turn we get a pretty lucky maintenance and the fire on the Dire Troll Mauler expires.


While none of the Fennblades get to chop any enemies during their vengeance moves, it does effectively get most of them up the board a little more and around my objective that might have blocked some otherwise juicy charge lanes.

I look at the table and start thinking that I can end the game by feating and getting Madrak in all the way to Calaban, or at least clear up enough space for the Fennblades to bore into him.  I start by advancing up Lanyssa and then shooting a Hunter’s Mark at the middle of the pack Croak Raiders.  She misses and I probably should’ve given up the dream there, but I realize that I can still easily get in and surf through the Croaks and do some real damage, so I continue with the plan.  The next move is to charge the Dire Troll Mauler up at some of the Croaks all the way in the center of the board and get the heavy out of Madrak’s way.  He charges up, chomps a Croak and is done, hanging out front and center for the moment.

Madrak himself is my next activation.  I pop feat and charge the middle of the Croak Raiders pack.  Madrak starts to do some good work, surfing around and clearing the unit with his 2″ melee range, Berserk and Overtake from his feat, gobbling up fury with Grim Salvation, when I end up missing the penultimate croak from the right three times in a row.  I continue to go for it and buy another attack, finally killing it and continuing on into the first Blackhide Wrastler, certainly a few fury below where I want to be.  Madrak casts Blood Fury on himself and kills the first Blackhide, though not as quickly as I’d like.  He puts some damage on the second, but the rolls are low and I decide rather than to continue, which I probably can’t reach now because of some awkward movement choices I leave a fury on him and he hangs out engaged with the big gator.

Now it’s recovery time.  Mulg runs up and bops a Croak, then the Krielstone pops the Aura and moves up to get within range of Madrak as best they could, the Fell Caller gives the Fennblades +2 MAT with his Fell Calls and then runs over to get closer to the boss man as well.

Fennblades are next and receive a Press Forward order and go ahead and pop No Quarter to give them that bit of extra movement.  They get in to the Boneswarm and the Gatorman possibly with a few charges, but their rolls are lacking and they do very little actual killing.  It doesn’t help that I’ve forgotten they have Cleave from the UA.  Like I said, new to trolls.  The ones that can’t get a good charge lane run close to Madrak and prepare to be fodder for him to live instead.


The Champs run on in to get closer and the Bouncer clears a Croak Raider then stays pretty much put in the zone.  I’m not feeling great, but it is Madrak2 and Grim Salvation is crazy right now to save his life and I’m hoping that between that and the fury he’s got left after the failed assassination run means he lives.  Oh, the Swamp Gobber Chef moved forward at some point, only to be more or less forgotten afterward.

Score: Trolls 0; Minions 0

Minions Turn 2

He leached all his yummy fury remaining and chooses to go ahead and keep Carnivore up on the Gatorman Posse.  Calaban goes first, pops feat and slings a couple spells to clear out some infantry.  Between that and Prayer to Kossk the Gatormen then have a heyday murdering all of my Fennblades after their lackluster charge.  Despite a few tough rolls, he clears most of Madrak’s salvation possibilities out from around him and the Brigands finish the job right after, moving their prey target to the Mauler.

During this, through Calaban’s feat he manages to cast Rage on his Blackhide in addition to picking off a Fennblade or two.

The Blackhide Wrastler casts Rage on the Blind Walker, which probably was a mistake, then he throws a boosted headbutt at Madrak.  He hits and since it’s a power attack I can’t shunt it off to anyone else, Madrak drops and takes 6 damage.  The Blind Walker comes over and tries to finish Madrak off, but even with Rage his rolls aren’t enough to do it.  Madrak ends the turn with 9 life left and still 1 Fury.

Score: Trolls 0; Minions 0

Trollbloods Turn 3

He didn’t kill me, and that’s a problem for him.  The Krielstone starts with a Press Forward order and fails to do any damage to the Gatorman Posse, but they pop the aura for strength and armor for everyone else at least, then surround Madrak to keep him alive.

Mulg is kinda stuck in the back at this point, largely to my own greediness at going for a turn 2 caster kill and my positioning to try to salvage it, so he moves up and bops one of the remaining Croak Raiders and the Bull Snapper with assistance from the Fell Caller Hero.

Champs are up next and they shuffle around, finishing off the Croak Raider unit and taking out the objective entirely with only two of them having to damage it.  First control point score.  They’re in a decent position to start running around the back line if this looks like it’s going to continue much further too.  I’m still looking really good on clock and he’s pretty down on his at this point too.  I’m not sure if I want to win on time or control at this point, but there’s no easy route to assassination at the moment.

The Dire Troll Mauler moves up and starts bopping Gatormen and clears a couple more of them out, but because of my miserable rolls he’s now maxed out in doing so.  That’s fine though, since in all likelihood someone was going to frenzy.

Madrak takes his turn, murders the second Blackhide Wrastler then starts tearing into the Blind Walker and manages to cripple its mind aspect.  I’ve got some fury left, but I don’t think it’s worth it and move on to the Bouncer who comes over and gets some damage in as well.


I forget Lanyssa and the Swamp Gobber Chef out of frame.  I end the turn controlling his zone.

Score: Trolls 2; Minions 0

Minions Turn 3

He knows he’s going to try and assassinate again I think because I’m too in control of his zone and the Brigands aren’t going to do much on their own to a Bunker, so he starts by using a Hog Wild order then whittling away at my Dire Troll Mauler with his Brigands and Boneswarm.  He doesn’t finish it up this turn.


The Blind Walker boosts and buys a headbutt on Madrak who takes a couple points and shunts a bought attack onto a Champion.

Calaban slings some spells into the Krielstone, shoots Heartstopper at Madrak (which he shoves off to the same Champion, who took 2 damage then 1 damage, then 1 more damage like a champ) and ends his activation.  The Posse moves up and clears out most of the remaining stones.

At the end of the turn I’m still controlling his zone.

Score: Trolls 3; Minions 0

Trollbloods Turn 4

At this juncture I’m pretty safe, but my Dire Troll Mauler frenzies and just beats the Boneswarm to death and I don’t have an assassination still.  Control points are my road to victory.  My boys finish the Blind Walker and move to surround Madrak and we end the turn again, controlling the enemy zone and forgetting the Chef and Lanyssa.

Score: Trolls 4; Minions 0

Minions Turn 4

My opponent and I both more or realize there’s not much he can do but try to kill Madrak, and so he continues to do so, first by wiping out the great transfer target of the Dire Troll Mauler who I’ve basically given up on living through to get a kill.  He slings some spells in, but still can’t get the assassination he wants and then he clocks out.

Scoring immediately at the end of the clock also puts me fully at 5.

Score: Trolls 5; Minions 0

Trollblood victory!