Trollkin Fennblades WIP

Trollkin Fennblades WIP

Currently on my plate are a unit of trollkin Fennblades that I received in a trade a little banged up, but partially painted.  These guys are in my Calandra list I plan on taking to a team tournament in Columbia, SC on October 15th.  The picture below is after a first highlight of Trollblood Base onto a dark, dark blue color that I can’t quite place.


As I’ve been going over their skin I’ve found myself wishing I’d stripped them when I get them and just started from scratch, likely with those crazy sword arms detached.  The mold lines are present on a lot of them, but not too bad that I’m constantly cringing.  Just a little.  I put another layer of Trollblood Base mixed with Frostbite (my Trollbloods are all Northkin, because those dudes are the bee’s knees) onto the boys’ skin and called it a day for now.  Hands are shaking a bit from what I imagine is a little too much caffeine.


Hopefully by the time I decide to continue them this Monday I’ll figure out what sort of quitari pattern for these ferocious choppers that’ll work with the current scheme of my other boys and the color that’s already been basecoated onto them.